Saturday, April 25, 2009

Passionatetly in love with u.....

is your smile on me...
making me fall for u.
is your charm on me...
it too good to be true.
is all in dream of me...
just tell me what I gonna do.

hey baby, please try just hear me,
am gonna tell u all I wanna say,
no longer can I stay away from this,
I am passionately in love with u.

please don't be on me...
making me cry for u.
it just make me feel..
how can I expect this from u..
I will never be,
hey miss gonna promise this to u.

so, please don't go,
come closer to me,
because you know in your heart...
I am passionately in love with u.

we dream of it, we live to it,
its all we want in life..ohh baby!
the place is good, we understood,
and here we are all alone..

baby I gonna never leave you,
be with you forever,
and always be there when u need to hear...
I am passionately in love with you!!!

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