Thursday, April 2, 2009


Well, its a common knowledge that youngster loves mobile and thanks to Reliance, Vodafone....they can utilise it too...No problem for me as I am also a subscriber too.

As in a hostel life, I could see there practicalities very much. If not by using them then just by watching my friends all over the place. The fact is, if you are far from home then you are bound to use it regularly. No, I am not telling about being touch with family or friends...its more than that, its girlfriends!!.

Now, I don't have problem with that as its their matter and what am I going to say about it, not until it really mattered to me...when my SLEEP get disturbed. Just a few days ago, I was just as usual going to bed after my studies. Everything was so, quite and peaceful, best time to sleep when you are really tired.
I had my sleep all right but then within fifteen minutes of my sleep, a small murmur waked me up.

I was tired and no mood of listening to it, so I returned to my work...To sleep (now u will think why sleep is work here, u will know it later). As I said I tried to sleep but except for my drowsiness, no sleep came by. Now for half an hour or a hour, its OK but for two hours...its FRUSTRATING!! but I tried on...sleep will come is all just I hoped.

Now, whatever it is, I had ears and they just became an antenna and started receiving their so called sweet girlfriend-boyfriend talk (as if they couldn't have it earlier). Slowly my patience gave away and I told him to go to sleep...NO USE!!.But my mind was on a roll...I was drowsy and irritated..I was abusing the one who made this stuff called mobile, to this Reliance or Vodafone one (whichever he was using) for those free talk offers, I was wishing his mobile gets broken or charge would go but of no use.

I tried to go out for a stroll, then I started reading books under the lamp but it had of no effect on 'mister Asique'. I couldn't concentrate as I was terribly sleepy and tired but does it mattered to him...NO!!. OK ...Then as it was going to be 3:30 am...I could hold no longer and told him to sleep or to go out for his sweet talks. I thought it would have no effect but it did!!

So, he stopped talking to her and put his mobile on the table...Aha! now I felt relieved and had a nice but short sleep.

MOBILES ARE NECESSARY EVILS!!( necessary as I am also using it!!!)

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