Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Birthday...

So, its my birthday all right,
29, march every year it comes..
but changing in every frame of life,
interesting or boring as it becomes.

as a child, I awaits,
this very day in my heart,
clothes, presents and party,
everything cool for day of my birth.

years passed and so the way,
gone the feelings for the same,
time changes everything as they say,
blocking the mind from this fun game.

So, changed are the thoughts,
and the moments were gone,
instead of family parties,
friends came for a run.

malls and restaurent,
everywhere we sailed,
taking new style and some techs,
sms and wishes are all mailed.

and then came this days,
in medical hostel I'm living,
with studies around and less time,
only a small party and thats all it seems.

but lucky me, house so near,
and friends are always around,
and family party is always a choice,
I returned to my old sound.

its always there, the birthday....
fun and that feel never leaves,
its we just change with the life,
or else my birthday...
being child or adult,remains the same.

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