Monday, April 13, 2009

Take away, take away...

If the life is so weak,
not a glimpse to be seen,
if no hopes for the lean,
take away, take away....

if the sadness at the peak,
not a chance to be keen,
if the world is so mean,
take away, take away...

its just not my thought,
nor the failing of the all,
but the belief as a whole,
take away, take away....

faith is all I can see,
and the waiting of many,
but the fear in some,
take away, take away....

yes!! the dream has come,
taking our thoughts for a run,
if the obstacles will ever come,
take away, take away....

Now, the freedom is all we seek,
not much less do we ween,
as stubborn as they had been,
Take away, take away.....

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