Thursday, April 23, 2009

My first voting...

Today was a great day in my life, as this is the first time I voted in my life and the blue sketch mark on my index finger is the proof of it. Now I have promoted from being an Indian to be a morally an Indian citizen.

You must be wondering why have I said this term "morally". Then I must clear it out that now I am responsible for the government of our India. Now that I had voted for a party to be in power in centre, so I am now a part of this world's largest democracy and be responsible of the work either good or bad. For many years I had been watching news and actual works or development these politician actually do. I always wanted to vote for the party I liked most for its ideologies, its promises, and works they had done.

There are many times when as a responsible citizen, I felt sad that wrong candidates or party came to power in any state just simply on basis of money and muscle power. they simply mislead the people of the state and looted the money by using them for there own good and I couldn't do anything about it. Now I can say that my one vote could make some difference. There are many of my friends who don't take this voting seriously but easily complain about the government. Huh!! so, what they think?? God will come for help. I only advised all of them to vote. It matter most!!

So, I had gone to give my vote. I had to stand in a long queue just for one vote in this scorching heat and got so tired standing but it was only for my own good. It was really a satisfying experience just to give my vote out there, no matter who will win. My only message is..


plz share some of your experiences and comments......thnks!!

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