Sunday, February 22, 2009

Slumdog millionare...India feels proud!!

Slumdog millionare...Innocent

This is a day of oscar fever....and to get such a prestigious award...with the fact that no Indian cinema had ever got one at any catagory....make it so special.

But the critics may say that it was not a Indian movie at all....from director to tecnicians, producer..all are not Indian and not even the leading actor Dev patel! a british teenager. So the oscar is not for the goes to British..the place of the director Danny boyle.

Does it make any difference .....NO !! The story was entirely Indian..the same can be said about the cast and the crews. A Indian story with a Indian backgroud showing the very colour of Indian. And it is the difference.

Straight from the Indian inland comes the soul touching music of A. R. rahman...the lyrics of gulzar and If I heard right then the book from which it had taken the script was by an Indian. You may say that it potrayed India being poor...a slumdog but it was the story like millions of story in Bollywood. Why should we be afraid to show if its always mumbai slums. If they like it then better we show it ....the real busnessman will do the same.

So, when A.R Rahman gets a oscar for it...when it gets best picture award, we felt proud...It was the feeling of the Indian within us. Why criticise when someone doing so big, lets encourage them.

My only hope is that our movie makers should learn from Danny Boyles and tap the resources of India..get the best out of it...then no one can stop us from getting a oscar...They just love India, which we fail to potray much.

Our masal movies with so unreal fighting, simple comedies and common love story cannot get us oscar and lets try not to copy from other movies and try to make origanal. Orignal movie, orignal songs(this for most of our music directors)and show them real stories of India..we have a rich history...lets flaunt it!! JAI HO INDIA JAI HO!!!Innocent

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