Wednesday, February 11, 2009

India is ours!!

Well friends,
Its just a matter of great thought that our people (I mean Indian citizens) have slowly forgetting the basic of being an Indian. What I meant to say is, we are just living our own life, for our gain and selfishness. And we could easily see this by reading anewspaper or watching what is happening around us. We all know it but just not gracious enough to accept it.

Every one here wants to make money, use goverment for its advantage. If they are with us then the goverment is doing good but if they do anything against our will (even if its right), the goverment is the worst enemy. We do strike, break public properties, bandhs are called just to bring their demands. I am not saying its wrong, but there are cases where its pure matter of greed. If a teacher or a docter do this then they were lathicharged or charges are made against them but the same is done by a political party or anyone with upper hand( riches or power), they were listened instantly.

Bribes, treachery, taking loan and not returning, using goerment post for personal use, all here wants to make money and more money. Problem is not this as it is bound to happen but they utilise it for foriegn tour, saving it in any foriegn bank,
and many more....the point is our money going outside but its much less in vice-verse. Money and new projects for poor, loan waver and rural employment scheme, they are just made for vote banking.

The poor didn't get 10% of there share but the middleman, the goverment officials make millions. India is not poor but we the citizen make it poorer.
Due to geographical advantage, we have all the resources the human being ever need but more than us the foriegners take advantage of it..WHY?? just because we all are greedy, selfish...for our mentality of Goverment verses Us. We only say that we are looting the goverment but not to think we are looting ourselves. For development indirectly help us to rise to superpower status.

So, what we have to do....
1. Give our taxes and if not atleast use our money to purchase indian goods, develop college and schools, small industries.
2.Rather than taking bribe and doing no work, take bribe but atleast do work properly and FAST.
3.In term of money...every person should get money for their work and not for free.
4.Compenies for distributinon of any relief work.
5.Loan waver is of no farmers to develop better crops and more crops.
6.Do urgent work on our tourism department....develop full security of these precious areas of ours.


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Akhil.... said...

great ideas dude.... well i would suggest that the govt. should invest in th infrastructure sector for the betterment of the business in the country and also provide job opportunities to the people of the india....
jai Hind...