Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lets unite!!

We have the feelings,
the emotions in heart,
there's a lot for dealing,
facing agonies and hurt.

we don't have time,
nor things to ponder,
for we couldn't see,
the world and nature wonder.

true to word, have to see,
faith aside, science to keep,
to think of us as a species,
for survival tactics, just not sleep.

countries are many, many a religion,
but above all, we are human,
risks are many, time so less,
lets try to find, whatever we can.

danger so many all around,
we are just doll of carbon,
within earth or outer space,
fear for life,anyone as a reason.

inovations and disoveries are so rare,
for it needs imagination for share,
but busy schedules, mugging so rampart,
couldn't get the knowledge, we so care.

my intension are clear,
for a man of science,
as its time now for us to act,
or else unprepared for any crisis.

so, friends lets unite,
unite we will for our dream,
as this is needed to human race...
today, and thousands of years after.

unite to spread the science,
ignite young mind with thoughts,
the future rests in there hand...
my message to whole human race,
we have to just unite!!

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