Saturday, February 28, 2009


the beauty of this world,
the colours and shapes around,
the livings and there joy abound,
and at last, the strings of life within.

the chirruping of birds,
the sounds all animals make,
the music as a piece of cake,
and at last, the feeling from deep within.

the fragnance of the nature,
the sense it make to us,
attractive or repulsive as a rush,
and at last, the memory we keep within.

the flavours of this earth,
the food and drinks ever made,
the cuisines with love ever laid,
and at last, the greed we seek within.

the texture of the matter existing,
the exprience of using or leaving it,
to make a creation out of heart beat,
and at last, supporting the imagination we search within.

the warmth of the care of loved ones,
the emotions and reaction ever percieved,
intuition and imagination as to believed,
and at last, the soul thrive in life within.

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