Saturday, February 5, 2011

Carefree world

So I am, after lot of gap, Now being a medical intern, busy schedules, not much time to write things other than some of my poetry....So, these few months have been special to me....

My first income...even if a stipend of 9000 bucks but still very useful for us student days, to purchase books, cloths and ya Mobile too...I had been little responsible now..also in these month two of my friends are married, even though they are 2-3 yr older than me..[:P]

so, I am here with some of my experiences.....Normal routines and then ward visits...I have seen lot of emotions out there in the hospital...and then...the pain they felt....also the stress of appearing All India PG entrance, to study a lot...yes, their are time for fun too but it is slowly decreasing in frequency, that's when I do write few of my poetry for venting out, for experimenting....more ever just for maintaining a hobby!....

so, friends here's another one , just something different I wanted to show;

They laughed as they speak,
they run within a flick,
they play on those land freely,
won't stop even if it's a bit hilly....
they sought their lungs out,
give raw emotion without a doubt,
they fall but No time to cry,
they reach out rather being shy!!

No one stops them, nor one care,
the whole place is their own, so they dare,
they live for moment, happy to share,
No price being tagged, all are fare...
Day goes so be the night,
time remains still, so their life,
just basic works done, to be alive,
It's all for joy, fun, do they strive.

Yes, the innocence is obvious,
the freedom so infectious,
No worries, no sadness they feel,
It's just not the way, do they deal....
I just watched them, thinking,
envied their life within, though winking,
so free, so much happy, they seems,
all those smile coming out as they beams!!

yes, carefree , joyous , fun ... with worries, stress being none,
I want that life, such carefree world for my own!!


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

Careless, wild and free,
that is all we've gotta be,
like a young horse, like a beating heart.



Abhijit Bhattacharyya said...

nice....but just a piece of advice....just spend a bit more time on each imagery....infest them with some more life....and don't look for rhyming words all the time...freely and hilly rhyme...but take something away from the poem....

i say this becos u have potential...and you can be really good....

do vote....