Saturday, February 12, 2011

plight of the Birds

Hello friends...
today I really want to say something about the plight of birds in cities, like the disappearing sparrows, and many more common birds, which made the morning beautiful with their chirruping...which when make nests in tree and fly in unison made a beautiful natural portrait to look to...something which we and our future generation got to miss now!!
We have this tall tree inside our hostel's garden...which had just shed all it's leaves looking bare but when filled up by all the birds (may be the only place in our college with so many birds...we have a large garden)....with their chirruping really elevates the mood.
Here is a poetry I write inspired by this.....

I was glad, pleased to see,
those small cotton balls fluttering around me...
with their dummy fight, pricking,
or their flying spree.

my leaves, my branches spreading,
fruits and flowers all being inviting,
they help me grew over and out,
and are my friends in lonely night.

But now where are you,
the empty nests searches,
so is the deserted view,
what happened ....why did you go?

I am not gone, only afraid,
what to do,not a place is safe,
they kill, take us home,
or they just destroy our nest !

changed our way of living,
those shades, bark, food,
poisoned soil and water we drink...
we wait, hope to swim afloat and not sink!!

These birds, they chirrup make me worry,
their droppings, wastes damages the beauty,
why give them home if it give me money,
Do what's good for me, will not be sorry,

Their sound and much I miss,
have I gone too far, no return to repent,
undo the loss, barren are the places,
the mere presence would be a bliss!!

Oh me, oh us why we ignored,
should have given a chance,
the tranquility of nature we going to miss,
the joy of watching, hearing and feeling their's all I wish!
I the bird, the tree , the conscious man much time we need to realize this fact?


gauravbrills said...

love the portrayal and the pic ..

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I worry, too, about the birds, and all living creatures, whose habitats are being destroyed. Great topic, thanks for writing about their plight.