Thursday, September 23, 2010

The wait

just a new venture friend...hope its good,

sitting besides the old tree,
standing out on rainy days,
walking on the lonely lane,
speaking those sames words..
hadn't I waited enough??.

I have been there,
things that never be forgotten,
nor I was afraid,
to recall them over again,
hadn't you forgiven??

why so far, so silent,
only those shadows remain,
those cry of the night,
those brood of the day,
hadn't I suffered enough??

Yes I am getting old,
only the figments of memories,
but still you are there deep within,
the love, the caring that we shared,
hadn't the separation so cruel??

Its been late, the darkness arrives,
wait of another day...a day without you,
you are unhappy, angry on me..still you loved me,
leaving me all alone in the went to the god,
a long wait, but we will meet...forever and ever...


Blasphemous Aesthete said...

It is this hope of meeting again that drives us and saves us from despair.
Nice lines.


I loved the first stanza..
one should never lose faith...watever happens life has to go on..good work