Wednesday, September 15, 2010

humiliation of Sushil kumar

Just watching the News yesterday. Yes, I do watch news some days in hope of getting something new information. But the stories are as usual...Kashmir burns as people dies..Jatt wanted there reservation...students getting involved in a fight for college elections , then there is cricket or bollywood..

Looks like our media is crazy about politics, and cricket and then bollywood. Politics has just captured the Nations imagination. Then there was news of arrival of Sushil kumar after winning the world championship in wrestling and being met by huge celebration by rejuvenated fans, proud family members and coach. Better politics here...but my happiness was short lived as another controversy struck in!!...Mr. M S Gill sir, the Sports Minister of our country!! and the photo shoot

Yes, Mr. Gill wanted all the credit for himself as he literally shoo away the Coach and his family members to have a single photo with the World champion!!...Someone who doesn't even care to receive Sushil kumar at airport or don't know what he did for him before he won Olympic bronze medal!!...And shooing away his coach and family the main contributor of Sushil kumar's success.
It was a great humiliation for both the coach and the player but who cares!!...are we enough patriotic to care???

Why should he care, he is a Politician, the Babu..who are these small villagers and this small coach to stand with him!!...Even if he got Dronacharya award..he is far below him!!
This is the Basic mentality of our Babus and politicians!!..even the one in the Office doesn't care about whats going on under him!...I bet he doesn't even know half the sports person that a common Indian knows!!...Still these guys want there pay hike as they are supreme, Want to get all the credit for any individual Success!!

My basic question remains-----are such guys eligible to run such a responsible post???


Ravi said...

You are right but this is India, my friend....politics starts here with religion, caste and we people choose them according to their religion or caste ,not by their work .. we always vote for the candidate who is favoring us.... not for the country...
We always think "me & my family" instead of "me & my country".

that is the main there should be "Country first " in any matter.

you wrote a good post, keep it up...

Ashay K. said...

What do you expect from politicians? they're scum and the biggest culprits of this nation are we, the people.