Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Satisfaction and Content

Two words...Satisfaction and Content, 
one which can never have a boundary,
the other that doesn't need a boundary.
Which one to keep, inside so deep..
one cause happiness and other brings worry.

I ask of things,
whatever I need,
my wants got bigger,
my aspiration too high,
desires and dreams,
tempting to me....

I know it hurts,
hard to work,
looking for opportunity,
ways to find more,
to be happy, 
to be complete!

Patience being tested,
finding a way out,
past cause the brooding,
and future so tense,
I  chased for my happiness,
but still so unhappy?

Satisfaction it is,
that I am searching for,
but it's only competition,
that I find all over,
as I sit watching others...
I am so tired!

but then was this what I needed,
or the things I ignored,
but then it's responsibility,
the expectations of many...
will it ever satisfy,
or vanquish my hunger?

So, I asked myself,
where to pull the line,
what more to achieve,
to conquer it all....
or it's what the elders advised,
be content on what you get??

to be happy for things one have,
be thankful of this gift of life,
no jealousy or envious of any kind,
to accept without complaining,
not to run but enjoy every moment,
to be content....

Is it confinement,
an enclosure of some kind,
making oneself lazy,
decreasing their capabilities...
or  it's against one's growth,
asking for no more?

the doubting mind,
or just a rational view,
for analyzing something,
every thought had it's preview..
to have patience, it needed time,
still content brings happiness!

Something to satisfy,
or be content with,
these are the two words on my mind...
the world is moving, so am I!!

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