Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Cells of living being

We work hard, we really do...
our actions, our reactions,
for our only motive, our aim,
quest of survival, our gain....

Lots would dies, lost forever,
we fight relentlessly, steadily so...
we never got tired, nor rest,
as we work for the higher order.

sometimes we are attacked,
conspiracy being made,
or just a surprise changes,
that cam from within....
we survive, we tackle,
each unit being in shackle...
we get better..we triumph,
just for another day in the system.

There are are many of upper zones,
they got important tasks for us...
everything being special, we don't differentiate,
as we dedicate ourselves to the job.
They too falter, may become weak,
but get repaired just in time,
we help, bring it back,
and keep up with it.

But does the higher order ever acknowledge?
being in pride of superior taste.....
whatever it do will affect us,
for it's his decisions we follow...
decisions that damage, cut through us,
making our job harder or so...
the more ego, lazy it becomes,
or some reckless choices risking on whole...

We can't evade, struggle through it,
accepts whatever it gives,
as it slowly becoming thankless...
rewarding or punishing of it's wishes,
what are we, some foot soldiers,
or the building block of a system,
for each system, being the basic chain of life....
we are nothing but cells of living being 

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