Sunday, December 15, 2013


Hello friend, 
Have been a little down these days, and using my free time to watch some Anime manga series and reading other stories.
So, rather than being writing, I have been using my time to enjoy other's. It's fun actually, the way we take time to see stories around the world, their way of thinking, culture, imagination. So, you can say, I am out of ideas these days. :)

Anyway, there are things which you can't express until one didn't experience it, trying to fill that quota now. A small one for today...

I have been watching,
still landscapes, open spaces,
the flowing river, standing trees,
and the people from various places...

Stories they share,
or the bond in between,
working for their living,
joy or the sorrow within.

I felt their feelings,
live the moments too...
emotions that they conveyed,
influenced in my thoughts too...

I heard their voices,
different in their ways,
but the basic being similar,
each have the same say.

I smiled in their pleasure,
saddened by their despair,
immersed in world of illusion,
as the story unfolds....

Thus, I sign off,
back to watching, be it so,
stories are being incomplete,
still more to go !! 

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