Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Love your world seems to be a good thing taught by elders to us. Surely we love our environment, want our surrounding clean ( if other do it ). We can change the place around us but surely not the planet, right!!Yes we can change the world. At least the places near you. As you see, the whole world work on influence, persuading, domination and bribe. If you can use it, in combination to your commitment to the cause, it will flourish.What am I telling about? Well I am asking you just to allow some of your time for the environment, for other creatures around and correcting human negligence and carelessness which cause damage to others.How can you do this? By writing, increasing awareness, working in your action and so on. There are thousands and thousands of ways. You just need a planning, Your commitment by execution in action.If nothing happens and if anybody laughs at us? So what, you can at least try out. And in the way you will find this as a cause worth of trying. You may not gain anything from the whole thing but the happiness and experience you would gain is more than any prize you want to get.Why should you do this? Surely for fun and what's more it can be your source of income. You can be more near the nature, its beauty. What else anyone wants more. It can also answer many of your curiosity."LOVE YOUR ENVIRONMENT, SUPPORT AND SAVE IT FROM DESTRUCTION AND ENJOY THE NATURE TO ITS FULLEST, THAT'S WHAT I CALL FUN"

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